Raiders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Raiders:

Anton had been with me three years when this raider appeared.

"Boy Scouts of the Sea," watch us do our partIf a raider or a sub.

Then she sat down at Mr. Raider's desk, and drew a pad of paper toward her.

I am a minister's daughter, Mr. Raider, I can't talk about people's troubles.

"We called her 'the Raider,'" says this friend, who was also a warm admirer.

She steamed towards the raider, which made off at full speed.

But no other raider was in sight; there was no other “nodal centre” of gun-fire and searchlights.

But very few did so, however, and these were wholly confined to the Raider crowd.

He seemed to have known from the first that the Raider would run that way.

Soon, he would be above them all, and perhaps above the raider.