Railed [verb]

Definition of Railed:

criticize harshly

Synonyms of Railed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Railed:

Sentence/Example of Railed:

He could have raged and railed against his fate like any madman.

There was a broad avenue, bordered by railed tombs, leading to the church-door.

Was she the same girl who had railed so bitterly against Anthony's profession?

Was not his common talk, When the knaves have railed their fill, then will they hold their peace?'

I railed at them for a couple of minutes, but it was mostly unfair.

He was as well off as if Mr. James Grandon were alive, and he had not railed at fate then.

She had been railed at and scolded as never goddess was scolded before.

Finally, I railed at Providence for ever having let me see such ignominy.

He never married again; and railed on all womankind for this one.

They questioned him, gibed him, railed at him, but they got no word in reply.