Railings [noun]

Definition of Railings:

post, pole along an edge

Synonyms of Railings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Railings:


Sentence/Example of Railings:

The lights of Victoria saw him too, and Sloane Square, and the railings of the park.

I was gazing idly at the footpath opposite, which is bounded by the Luxembourg railings.

Why does the Ocean Commerce of America remind one of the railings of a gallery?

Wharton resumed his railings at the Girdlebanks, and was still at them when Rotherby came in.

He had come nearer, and towered above her on the other side of the railings.

But the partitions and railings which were in the way prevented the company from going out there.

In the street she paused a moment and looked back through the railings.

The Carlton House porter had been ordered to get the railings fresh painted.

There were many couples seated about the pavilion on the benches and railings.

Philippe unsheathed his sword, and passed it through the railings.