Rainless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rainless:

But in the rainless season the verdure shows an inclination to dry up.

Again, within this trade-wind region are the rainless countries.

But it is not true that all the rainless regions are without evaporation.

There is also a rainless strand on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

A rainless summer had dried up a spring near his house, which, against our advice, he had attempted to develop by tunnelling.

For the Arunta live in the worst country, the most rainless, and therefore their magic is most manifestly a failure.

A story of a wrathful sun in a rainless sky above a parched land, swept for days together by the searing south winds.

In fact Luna Park really represents the triumph of the open-air method of treating patients in a rainless country.

The rainless desert, or southeastern corner of our state, is the hottest region of all.

The dried-peach industry thrives only in regions, as California, where the summers are sunny and rainless.