Rainproof [adjective]

Definition of Rainproof:

impervious to water

Synonyms of Rainproof:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rainproof:


Sentence/Example of Rainproof:

In this way he built a very comfortable and rainproof bower.

The billets were comfortable and rainproof, making it an ideal place to stay.

A more suitable and rainproof roof could scarcely be designed.

Cravenette—Cloths treated and finished before weaving by an improved process which renders them rainproof.

We hasten to the trusty car and are soon ensconced beneath its rainproof coverings.

Really, it was quite a comfortable abode, cool and rainproof, especially after Bastin had built his hut in which to cook.

An outer covering that is rainproof and non-absorbent avoids the absorption of water and the consequent increase of weight.

No one would cavil at that term as applied to Whitman—yet one must not forget the “rainproof coat.”

"Only we'd have to make them stone proof as well as rainproof," and at this remark there was a general smile.

Silk and woolen materials for umbrella making, raincoats, etc., are expected to be rainproof.