Rainstorm [noun]

Definition of Rainstorm:

moisture in air or falling from sky

Synonyms of Rainstorm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rainstorm:

Sentence/Example of Rainstorm:

An hour ago a rainstorm would have been a minor catastrophe.

Water was dripping everywhere as from umbrellas in a rainstorm.

It was like a brook overflowing after a rainstorm when the soil is parched.

But why didst thou, without consultation, bring on the rainstorm?

The approach of the daily rainstorm, usually about noon, was a remarkable sight.

Being afraid of nature or a rainstorm is like being afraid of the dark.

One simply cannot cheerfully face a rainstorm in clothes that water will ruin.

If there is not sufficient sand the surface will be sticky after a rainstorm.

About noon the sky clouded over, and Rob feared a rainstorm was approaching.

Watch the rills as they descend a hillside during a rainstorm and just afterward.