Rajah [noun]

Definition of Rajah:

historically, person who ruled an area

Synonyms of Rajah:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rajah:

Sentence/Example of Rajah:

To him the Rajah spoke quietly, with an amused expression, and the man bowed his head.

Trafford, not improbably, ruling some rajah's kingdom in the far East.

It was the diplomatic Kassim who represented the Rajah at the council.

Over the stockade and the Rajah's buildings Brown saw their lights on the water.

Finally he said, 'There is darkness in our Rajah's house, but no sleep.

An hour or so afterwards I saw Willems land a boat party at the Rajah's.

They were gloomy and languid, and told us they had not seen their Rajah for five days.

Next day we were busy unloading, and heard that the Rajah was unwell.

So, then, you did not think the Rajah's daughter should be a Moor?

Rajah Hassim here has seen them less than two hours ago, and so has the girl.