Rake [verb]

Definition of Rake:

scrape up, hoe

Synonyms of Rake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rake:

Sentence/Example of Rake:

What security, that your rake will not follow you to the world's end?

I suppose the Pilgrim and the Rake are contrasted with each other.

But you rake a match to light the candle, and that little bit of a noise will fetch him.

And what must that child be, who prefers the rake to a father?

Besides, they can rake us with bullets from ambush, while we're climbing up the ridge.

We rake the grass, and then, gilding refined gold, we sweep it.

But the earlier parts of the rake's progress are very natural and amusing.

Though I am a rake, I am not a rake's friend; except thine and company's.

And this made the poet say, That ever woman is a rake in her heart.

And yet, on second thoughts, am I not a rake, as it is called?