Rallying [verb]

Definition of Rallying:

reorganize, unite

Opposite/Antonyms of Rallying:

Sentence/Example of Rallying:

"You're a cheerful fellow, Hinde," said John, rallying a little.

Mrs. Adams laughed benevolently; she was not displeased with this rallying.

The gamblers, rallying to Seagrue, backed him with oaths and threats.

It would be a rallying point for the timid, and an attraction of the wavering.

He is an extraordinary man, and at his greatest when rallying the workers.

They left her there as a rallying point for the boats, and to receive the booty.

Colonels, majors, and captains were rallying the disheartened men.

During her absence from the deadwater there had been a rallying of forces.

Exhausted and bleeding, he raised his voice in the rallying call of the pack.

Rallying all his strength, Trippe made a fierce thrust at his adversary.