Rambler [noun]

Definition of Rambler:

person who wanders from place to place

Synonyms of Rambler:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rambler:


Sentence/Example of Rambler:

The Rambler 'had tasted lotus, and was in danger of forgetting he was ever to depart.'

The Rambler—that's her name—don't take the dust of anything afloat.

He opened the Rambler, of which she was particularly fond, and began to read.

It was covered all over with rambler roses, and looked magnificent.

It has also been found in the copper mines of Rambler, Wyoming.

"Alcohol in any form," said Miss Tupper, the color of the rambler.

At other times he was used with Rambler in hunting, or when Adams was attacking a grizzly.

He had written the Rambler and taken his high stand with the public before.

These never fail to charm the rambler on the outskirts of the town.

It has been observed that objections have been offered to the name 'Rambler.'