Ramified [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ramified:

Philip knew these relatives well: they ramify, if need be, all over the peninsula.

The bazaars form the heart of the town, and ramify in various directions.

It is also vascular and the veins which ramify it have a plexiform or net-work like arrangement.

The nature of the thing is to ramify beyond human calculation.

When I'd got my local ground perfectly covered, I'd begin to ramify.

The lines of this company are numerous, and ramify in many directions towards the east, north-east, and north.

The party was but small, for the Nestons were not one of those families that ramify into bewildering growths of cousins.

The air cells are not limited to the bones, but ramify through the body, and in some cases extend among the muscles.

The first lesion of pleurisy is overfilling of the blood vessels that ramify in this membrane and dryness of the surface.

I do not wish to enter very much at large into the discussions which diverge and ramify in all ways from this productive subject.