Ramming [verb]

Definition of Ramming:

bang into; pack forcibly

Synonyms of Ramming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ramming:






Let go





Sentence/Example of Ramming:

And they'll ram Truth down your throat till you're sick of it.

One man got his family into a boat to go to Ram Island for safety.

He raised the fence-rail again and made as if to ram the door.

He tried to ram the German ship with the stern of his ship, but failed in the attempt.

Then I went down and got that constable and he come and executed on that ram.

"He's been ram'lin' and ram'lin' all the way home," continued Reuben.

He had dropped his ram's horn somewhere, and she took him by the hand.

The oaths were ratified by the sacrifice of a bull, a wolf , a boar, and a ram over a shield.

In Ezra, the Tenth, the ram is offered for a trespass because of an unlawful marriage.

Then he took him to a sheep-pen, and there were rows and rows of rams, and one ram was just like another.