Ramp [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ramp:

In two minutes, it would be time for him to walk up the ramp into the G-boat.

Pieter Heemskerk stood by the ramp to the stubby G-boat and checked his watch.

The station was completely empty as Ravdin walked down the ramp to the shuttles.

He shot him and ran up the ramp as the officer's body rolled down it.

The ramp floor was supported by steel tubes at its edges and in its exact center.

When he saw the ramp running from the ship to the ground, he was dismayed.

As the ramp moved, he fingered the small weapon in his pocket.

The airlock was across the room, opposite the ramp entrance.

Dark and Maya hurried up the ramp toward the north building.

Bart ran down a ramp and surged out on the field with the crowd.