Rampaging [verb]

Definition of Rampaging:

go crazy; storm

Synonyms of Rampaging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rampaging:

Sentence/Example of Rampaging:

Then I swung about to help Francois head off a bunch of rampaging steers.

How safe are we now, with the Monaldeschi rampaging through the streets?

I thought a dragon must have been rampaging about the premises.

They aren't killers, or rampaging monsters; quite the contrary.

A startling vigor, as if he had been changed into a rampaging giant, swept him as they kissed.

Now he shore was rampaging all over creation last night—he didn't have no dreams nor no sleep in that bunk last night, nohow.

But don't ye go for to let that rampaging boy of our'n upsot the fat in the fire with any o' his foolishness.

Here, the combined conscious minds of the ten crew members were still strong enough to banish the rampaging hallucinations.

And the chief, too, rampaging before the steam-gauge and carrying on like a lunatic up and down the engine-room ever since noon.

No wonder we thought the Lucy Apse a dear, meek, little ship after getting clear of that big, rampaging savage brute.