Ramped [verb]

Definition of Ramped:


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Sentence/Example of Ramped:

He ramped about the room like a wild beast in a confined cage.

I ramped and I stamped; I banned and I bellowed like desperation.

As the chain swung we saw the crate was really a clumsy cage in which ramped a huge and tawny form.

There was a dusky room hung with blue stuffs where dragons black and gold crawled and ramped.

He ramped through the scenes of the romance, said Clarke, like a young horse turned into a spring meadow.

The place was swarming with creatures—animal forms wilder and more grotesque than ever ramped in nightmare dream.

Increasing speed, he swung outward to the ramped juncture between floor and smooth, circular walls.

He rose to his feet and ramped up and down the room savagely, like a wild animal in a cage.

The molding is the same; there is the same upward sweep of the ramped rail, and it is also capped with dark wood.

There is the similar ramped balustrade and paneled wainscot with ramped surbase and dark wood cap rail along the wall opposite.