Ramping [verb]

Definition of Ramping:


Synonyms of Ramping:

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Sentence/Example of Ramping:

"I've a raging, ramping headache," said Mrs. Palmer solemnly.

He was ramping about the living-room, waiting for a fight—and he got it.

The ramping one threw out his huge chest and roared with laughter.

She could not help smiling; he was ramping about in such a clumsy, comical way.

He was ramping and raging like a wild man down in front of the post office.

And now he's ramping on the home-path as hard as he can tear.

And that lion gaped wide and came upon him ramping to have slain him.

I should think that might have stopped your ramping, if anything could.

Would you send him ramping over the country, and never a hold to have on him?

He had come back to help raise the posse which would put the ramping Beast in pound.