Ran [verb]

Definition of Ran:

move fast on foot

Synonyms of Ran:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ran:

Sentence/Example of Ran:

The prize was bestowed on him who ran the course without extinguishing his torch.

At Thirty-second Street he ran into Burman, with whom he had all but cornered wheat.

He ran over in his mind the friends with whom he could spend the time agreeably.

I gave him my carpetbag to carry this morning, and he ran away with it.

Then he ran his hands over the straps; they were drawn taut.

The blood leaped in Andrew, and then ran coldly back to his heart.

She shoved the other letters into my hands and ran upstairs.

She remained staring up at him for a while and then ran into the house.

Thus she ran on; and then wanted me 'to see the charming man,' as she called him.

He drew off: and then ran into the highest professions of reverence and affection for you.