Rancher [noun]

Definition of Rancher:

ranch owner

Synonyms of Rancher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rancher:


Sentence/Example of Rancher:

He left the Ballena rancher'a early and started for Elcuanam.

As the officer disappeared the rancher made a gesture of fierce anger.

In this capacity I was alternately farmer, rancher, cattleman.

The thought suggested the fact that the rancher had just gone to bed.

The rancher sat silent for some moments after Diane had finished her description.

The rancher had turned about, and addressed himself generally.

Whatever he was about to say was cut short by the approach of the rancher.

Arizona was waiting a summons from the rancher, who was still busy with Jake and Fyles.

His departure brought the rancher to his feet, and he groped his way to the door.

The rancher stood over the dead man in silence for some minutes.