Ranches [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ranches:

He was tough, but the ranch horses of John Merchant came out from a night of rest.

It's Bill that bled me, and bled me until I've had to soak a mortgage on the ranch.

It was dark most of the way, and it was midnight when I got to the ranch.

Old Blake would give him work on his ranch over there, that was a cinch.

Nimrod and I had been lured to the Cuttle Fish ranch to go on a wolf hunt.

"We are going out to my father's ranch in Colorado, at once," she explained.

Good Injun's scared clean off the ranch—you can see that for yourself.

"He'll listen to Baumberger, and he'll lose the ranch listening," he stated distinctly.

And yet, to steal the Peaceful Hart ranch—the idea was ludicrous.

The ranch was quiet, with even the dogs asleep in the shade.