Ranching [noun]

Definition of Ranching:

breeding and caring for farm animals

Synonyms of Ranching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ranching:


Sentence/Example of Ranching:

A bit of ranching and 39 my work here in the shop keeps me busy enough.

Who, after all, could blame him for fathering thoughts that ranching was not all it was supposed to be?

His drooping spirit revived; she was getting tired of ranching.

Perhaps you will find it easier after a week or two of ranching.

"Ranching and hunting was no bed of roses," some one who knew him at that time has said.

In his ranching days, that training with his fists stood him in good stead.

While allied by every tie of blood to the ranching interests, he had never been identified with them.

Then, when I had money enough, I put it into land, and went to ranching.

Of these, the larger proportion were engaged in ranching and stock-raising.

In addition to ranching, he also engaged extensively in cattle-raising.