Rancorous [adjective]

Definition of Rancorous:


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Sentence/Example of Rancorous:

The senators who did not call upon him he regarded as of "rancorous spirit."

Why should she bury her life in this cruel, rancorous atmosphere?

He had long since wearied of discussing the rancorous subject.

His brow is black with chagrin; his lips white with rancorous rage.

Of all his rancorous libellers, not one ever ventured to call in question his honesty.

Herr Carovius turned to her from time to time, and made some rancorous remark.

I cannot help thinking of the rancorous malice of Alberic and Lotulf.

Job is rancorous; and we are scarcely intended by the writer to justify him.

"It would be no great misfortune," answered the rancorous capataz.

A thick growl escaped Beeston, a rumble of rancorous dislike.