Ranges [noun]

Definition of Ranges:

sphere, distance, extent

Synonyms of Ranges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ranges:

Sentence/Example of Ranges:

I have since learnt that these ranges were seen by Mr. Giles, and were named the Warburton Ranges.

These ranges run east and west, and are the highest we have seen.

The ranges are wide enough, but they're a prison just the same.

In model engines it ranges from 3/8 of an inch to 11/2 inches.

On the north side the ranges rise into a background of hills.

This is a minimum of 20 feet for secondary roads and ranges from 24 to 30 feet for main roads.

I might as well be in a convent for all I get to see of the ranges these late days.

I'll strike them among the foothills of the ranges within three days.

In the month of November, the thermometer at Pontiana ranges from 78° to 82°.

On the west are ranges of distant hills, low but not uncomely.