Ranging [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ranging:

The nurses of this hospital are all young,—ranging, say, from nineteen to four and twenty.

And every day thereafter found him out and ranging a wider area.

But all the Procellariæ are noted for ranging further from land than any other of the sea-birds.

Ranging alongside, he endeavored to reopen the conversation, but to no purpose.

Merle was in the pantry, with a big apron on, ranging jars of preserves on the shelves.

The scale for white workmen is, of course, far higher, ranging from £2 10s.

All eyes were ranging along the wall against which Thorn leaned his back.

Three children, ranging in age from two to five, were sitting on the grass plot.

She was ranging about, a diminutive tiger of unusually active habits.

The bull must be ranging abroad by himself, on some business of his own.