Rankled [verb]

Definition of Rankled:

annoy, irritate

Synonyms of Rankled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rankled:

Sentence/Example of Rankled:

The blade is poisoned, dear, and the wound will rankle for a lifetime.'

Take a look at it now, if you will, for hereafter we'll let it bide and rankle as it must.

Sir Cæsar, too, had (all unwittingly) planted an arrow and left it to rankle.

Do you suppose she left that poison to rankle in the tender soul of her darling?

There is no sting to rankle, now that hope—hope for my boy—has gone.

He has driven the arrow deep into her heart, and leaves it to rankle there.

With a morbid feeling of injured honour, he allowed it to rankle in his bosom.

But he had said that which had been in his mind to say, and he was satisfied to know that it was left to rankle.

Ready of wit, he was ever careful to remove the sting before it could rankle.

The tone goes with the rankle that's been in me a good many years, Lavinia.