Ranted [verb]

Definition of Ranted:

yell, rave

Synonyms of Ranted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ranted:

Sentence/Example of Ranted:

While she ranted, he brazenly began writing in visible ink once more.

He foamed and ranted like he war acting a play in some theatre.

I just shocked Suggs and the rest into a panicky silence while I ranted.

Connel fumed and ranted, threatened and cajoled, begged and pleaded, but it was no use.

He ranted at Van Oudijck, he called down all the curses of heaven upon his head.

"Ye jest coaxed me out in that ole buzz-wagon ter hev fun with me," ranted Welcome.

Yes, Colonel Campbell was his intimate, and ranted if he did not tarry a week with him at Abingdon on his journeys.

All that night the wind howled up the mountainside and ranted through the forest so that Marion could not sleep.

When the lad ended she began, precisely in the same words, and ranted on without hitch or divergence till she too reached the end.

He gone (Sir) W. Pen ranted like a devil, saying that nothing but ignorance could do this.