Ranter [noun]

Definition of Ranter:

person who talks boastingly

Synonyms of Ranter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ranter:


Sentence/Example of Ranter:

Mike said he was sorry, and expressed his wonder that Ranter could be so cruel.

You hate the game-laws; you are a Radical, ranter, and reformer.

And why should we be delighted with Mr. Macready's delineation, and disgusted with the ranter?

And with all the eloquence of Whitfield, had he not many of the qualities of a ranter?

Nothing could be less like the ordinary type of the Ranter than Dinah.

Mnster was exhibiting on a large scale what is reproduced in our own land in many a Wesleyan and Ranter revival meeting.

"There is nothing of the ranter in me—you know sir," and he used uncomplimentary remarks which I omit.

But if thou wilt need be punishing, then see thou be without sin thyself, and then cast the first stone at the Ranter.

Ranter was still for sale, now at a five percent discount “allowed for ready money.”

It is clear that Ranter and his colts, as well as the cattle, had not been disposed of at the former sale.