Ranting [adjective]

Definition of Ranting:


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Sentence/Example of Ranting:

Dinna fill his head wi' ranting thoughts of dogs and horses.

Yes, the Swami was ranting and raving about leaving Los Angeles at once.

Please forgive me for ranting like a schoolmaster, and please don't cry like that.

And why should not Ranting Rob tache the boy Latin and vartue?

Avoid shouting, ranting, and "tearing a passion to tatters."

I have no patience with this ranting about the equality of the sexes.

I got him away from the gang he was ranting to and had a little talk with him.

He laughed a dry laugh at his ranting words, and then sobered instantly.

When they were all ranting and raving at me just now I wished he was there—I told them so.

A spirit as wild, as reckless, as ranting, as defiant as ever devil indulged in!