Rapier [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rapier:

I placed my rapier on the table and waited for him to speak.

If your friend desire the sword, I have no objection,—I mean the rapier.

The man with his face to me tossed his rapier impatiently into a corner.

Strickland employed not the rapier of sarcasm but the bludgeon of invective.

If it were not for the Princess I would feed my rapier with him.

But M'Iver fixed him with an eye that pricked like a rapier.

They might have been compared to a rapier and a two-handed broadsword.

The deep eyes that met his steadily had in them the rapier flash.

As he spoke, he absently rested the point of his rapier on the ground.

The rapier had penetrated, just under the right breast, almost to the rib.