Rapping [verb]

Definition of Rapping:

talk casually; speak abruptly

Synonyms of Rapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rapping:

Sentence/Example of Rapping:

It was this moment that Letitia chose for rapping at the door.

I cried, rapping on the table; "the lady from England has the floor."

She cured me of it by rapping my knuckles with the handle of a silver-plated knife.

The rapping was repeated; this time with a much greater insistence.

No sound is heard in the forest but the rapping on the trees.

Wondering what it might mean, I was for rapping on the door with my hilt.

"For three months at least," I repeated, rapping sharply on the table.

Nothing happened, and thrice he repeated the rapping with like negative results.

The rapping sounded muffled and dim in that sound-proof place.

She was shown to his room, and rapping at the door, was asked to 'walk in.'