Rapt [adjective]

Definition of Rapt:

absorbed, fascinated

Opposite/Antonyms of Rapt:

Sentence/Example of Rapt:

Every woman will read the story of my life with rapt attention because of the Secret.

That night, she lay awake for one rapt hour, and then she slept the sleep of conquerors.

Dorcas was alive to the rapt contagion, and her own blood thrilled.

We stood in rapt contemplation for a few moments, and then walked away.

His ear drank in the voice of the tempest; he was rapt in attention to the roaring thunder.

Wrayson involuntarily followed the direction of their rapt gaze.

As for me, I was too big to run, too rapt to resist the magic and surprise.

One man was talking, and the rest were listening with rapt interest.

She dropped her hand, and glided toward him, while he watched her, curious and rapt.

He spoke in rapt sentences, as if he were looking on a vision.