Rapturous [adjective]

Definition of Rapturous:


Synonyms of Rapturous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rapturous:


Sentence/Example of Rapturous:

In a few seconds it took fire, to Johnsons rapturous delight.

The hungry man repeated, in a rapturous croak, "Magnificent!"

Thence I passed to a rapturous description of the hunting-lodge which he had lent me.

She yielded her hands, her cheeks, her lips, to Serge's rapturous kisses.

There is no mystic enthusiasm or rapturous contemplation of ideas.

That look of rapturous joy had left her, and she too became practical.

She fell on my neck and kissed me as I said this, with a sort of rapturous delight.

I took her hand, which she abandoned to my rapturous kisses.

I heard, too, rapturous snatches of the song they sing in that better land.

Would she be quite prepared for so rapturous a greeting as he longed to give her?