Rarefied [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rarefied:

Science has told you that at such an altitude the air is rarefied.

It appears to respire as easily in the most rarefied air as on the seashore.

But I will not press this view, which may be too rarefied and lofty for the vulgar mind.

The birds had long abandoned us, for in that rarefied air they could not have flown.

They were intoxicated with rarefied atmosphere, not with alcohol.

The shafts of the bones are brittle, rarefied, and easily broken.

I noticed, too, that I had to take long, deep breaths in the rarefied atmosphere.

In such country as this there is a rarefied clean sweetness.

He dwells apart, in an atmosphere too rarefied for those who intrude into it.

Her atmosphere was the most deeply absorbed—the rarefied atmosphere of the studio.