Rascally [adjective]

Definition of Rascally:

devilish, wicked

Opposite/Antonyms of Rascally:





Sentence/Example of Rascally:

Without demur, then, she turned and accompanied the rascally Malay toward the harbor.

He would have treated us better than his rascally nephew has done.'

I suppose the rascally spy isn't still in this clump of timer, eh?

They cannot forget or forgive the rascally Rougon-Macquarts.

Ah, Morny was the man to sit upon your rascally republicans!

"You are a scoffer," the other reproached him, and his rascally face was oddly grave.

"To avoid the rascally impertinence of dunning," answered the witness.

What rascally treachery have you been hatching since I saw you?

He thought the least the fellow might do was to make no mention of that rascally affair.

And if I am discovered peeping like a rascally valet, what will be the consequences?