Raspy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Raspy:

Behold her at 10.30, after an icy Splash and a keen rub with a raspy Towel.

For all time to come, he sez slow and raspy, I want you to leave my stuff alone.

"I reckon he will lose 'em, though," projected a raspy voice.

Under the silent horror of foreboding our nerves became raw and our tempers, like those of the others, short and raspy.

Sometimes they are made of silk, sometimes of a raspy, scratchy, slazy woolen material with a sandpaper surface.

Her bilious attack had not quite passed away, and her tones were somewhat sharp and raspy.

Her breath was short and raspy and cross, like the breath of a person who runs for a train—and misses it.

His hand stole to Frosty, who pushed a furry head against it and licked his partner's palm with a raspy tongue.

This scratching made a raspy, filing sound that after a while got on Congressman Durham's nerves.

He whirled about with a quick gesture of his hands, a harsh, raspy laugh that was very near a sob, and left her.