Ratchet [noun]

Definition of Ratchet:

circle, revolution

Synonyms of Ratchet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ratchet:


Sentence/Example of Ratchet:

I set my ratchet scales against the sides, and nothing can dislodge me.

The ratchet wheel and pawl shown in fig. 48 are part of the lubricator.

We think a ratchet wheel should not be employed with equidistant pallets.

The driving-wheel is assumed to be on the further side of the ratchet.

A ratchet prevents the arbor from being turned backwards by the spring.

Pendant and ratchet burners according to number of lights in rooms.

This can be used on a rod, and put into and out of gear by a ratchet.

Motion was imparted to the front wheel by means of a ratchet.

An illustration is given of a lock of a safe cut away by a ratchet.

The upper engages the ratchet of the cylinder when the revolution begins.