Rates [noun]

Definition of Rates:

ratio, proportion

Synonyms of Rates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rates:


Sentence/Example of Rates:

He's dropped into a soft spot—he rates best in the percentage card.

Trains are slow, and rates often so high as to be prohibitory.

Rates fell in one year from $1.80 to 25 cents per hundred pounds.

Hence, if the rates fixed by the law were twenty-five per cent.

When these rates and the classification conflict, these rates will govern.

These rents however are to be taken from the rates in which they are charged, and not from the rents which are actually paid.

And the folks that come had money, too—they had to have to pay Brown's rates.

After all, Dinah, it is not that he holds us more cheaply, but rates himself higher.

In the temperate zone there is no regularity in the monthly rates of rainfall.

Plagues of rates have appeared at Pinsk, and in the British trenches.