Rather [adverb]

Definition of Rather:


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Sentence/Example of Rather:

Rather gain one prize from the Choragus than ten from the Gymnasiarch.

"He said he was poor," urged Billy, who had been rather taken with the ease of Arledge's manner.

Had you rather witness the sports of the gymnasia than the works of artists?

Mrs. Rushton was sitting at her work, in rather a disconsolate frame of mind.

“I had rather study than thrive,” said Ambrose rather dreamily.

He sat down, rather discontented, and resumed the current of his reflections.

"I'd rather keep it, if it's the same to you," said Paul, in alarm.

Because I shall owe him, or rather Will, a good deal of money.

I'd rather trust your judgment now than lots of older men down there.

"You are rather inscrutable," he said, as they resumed the road.