Rathskeller [noun]

Definition of Rathskeller:

establishment serving alcohol

Synonyms of Rathskeller:

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Sentence/Example of Rathskeller:

He had disliked the young man "Tacks" when he met him in the Rathskeller.

"We'll get a bite to eat down in the Rathskeller," he suggested gaily.

Mr. Scanlon was willing, and so they made their way from the rathskeller into the sunlight.

It was in the rathskeller that Highsmith made the hit of his histrionic career.

The Rathskeller is well-conducted, and was built by the municipal authorities.

The wine-house, the Rathskeller, is one of the sights of the place.

Uncle Buzz's message in the Rathskeller the night before had been cryptic to the others but plain enough to Joe.

His glance swept the range of vision and settled upon a rathskeller sign.

A motor, with a liveried chauffeur whom he remembered having seen before, was standing in front of the Rathskeller.

Say, they roared it out like so many young college hicks riotin' around the campus after a session at a rathskeller.