Rational [adjective]

Definition of Rational:

realistic; of sound mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Rational:

Sentence/Example of Rational:

He is one of the few foreigners who expect a rational answer.

Every rational luxury is to be procured in England by such an income.

Times have changed, and now I enter Calais self-reliant and rational.

The commander did what he could to bring me to a rational state of mind.

And don't trust him at any time; for when he seems most rational, he's wildest in his talk.

Be rational, and just, and calm, and tell me whose idea was that.'

Something he can learn from this man, something from that, and it is rational to learn and be taught.

The higher comes first, then the lower, first the human and rational, afterwards the animal.

And this, surely, must be the work of the calculating and rational principle in the soul?

Man is to bring himself back as far as he is able to the condition of a rational beast.