Rationalism [noun]

Definition of Rationalism:

principles, knowledge

Synonyms of Rationalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rationalism:


Sentence/Example of Rationalism:

He was temperate in his rationalism and thrifty in his philanthropy.

We may admit that the clergy are more blameworthy than the orators of rationalism.

Dr. Beswick's rationalism on the subject rose to trouble her.

His rationalism could not take the place of a knowledge of history.

But it is not the gradual approach of rationalism that is the subject of this lecture.

One year after it was published, Rationalism went into a third edition.

Thirdly, it must be remembered that Rationalism is all destructive and not constructive.

Not socialism, but rationalism will rule in Germany when the war is over.

The result will be that we must fall back on philosophy and a system of rationalism.

Socialism, Determinism, and Rationalism are factors in the sum; and the sum is Humanism.