Rationalist [noun]

Definition of Rationalist:

person who is leery, unbelieving

Synonyms of Rationalist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rationalist:

Sentence/Example of Rationalist:

Evidently he was less familiar with the opinions of The Rationalist than he had thought.

They have all which the rationalist appeals to as his tests of right and wrong.

In the early years of his London life, Mill had been only a rationalist.

I had left the temple a devotee, and was returned a rationalist.

There isn't a rationalist in London that could shake the man's belief.

It was to me, what the all-sufficiency of reason is to the rationalist.

Goethe is a rational sceptic, or what is called in Germany a rationalist.

Kant, as a rationalist, has no doubt as to their actual existence.

Kant was a rationalist by education, temperament, and conviction.

What a compliment this is to the courage of the Rationalist.