Rationally [adverb]

Definition of Rationally:


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Sentence/Example of Rationally:

His worthy brother, the Major, might have been as rationally suspected.

They acted "instinctively," or automatically, not rationally.

All I have to ask is that we talk reasonably and rationally about it.

To a man there is but one choice that he can rationally make, a marriage of love.

Outside of America there are no cars that are so rationally devised.

The number of the rationally conscientious is as small as is that of the convivial.

The only Eugenist that could rationally attack him must be a man of no woman born.

The time when I seem to be most rationally employed is when I am reading.

I have known some who have been rationally educated, as it is styled.

It really will be too great happiness; I never can think of it coolly or rationally.