Ratios [noun]

Definition of Ratios:

percentage, relation of part to whole

Synonyms of Ratios:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ratios:

Sentence/Example of Ratios:

It will be remembered that oxygen combines with hydrogen in two ratios.

Resemblance, relation, or equality; a similitude of ratios or proportions.

Ratios such as one to one or one to two are of this class and should be avoided.

That dog is plumb full of ratios and things, if we only knew how to get them out of him.

The ratios of chance are always esteemed likely to favour the young gladiator.

These ratios reflect the relative narrowness of the skull of primulina.

The ratios are those evolved by nature, and, as such, should be wellnigh perfect.

These ratios do not vary greatly in different parts of Fiji.

This will be seen by reference to the following tables of ratios.

Monivalent elements are those which replace one atom of hydrogen in chemical combinations in the ratios of their atomic weights.