Ratted [verb]

Definition of Ratted:

abandon, reject

Opposite/Antonyms of Ratted:

Sentence/Example of Ratted:

You remember how Anchor Joe talked about someone who had ‘ratted’?

Only about that dreadful Mr Trenchard; you know the reason why he ratted?

Matthew, we know, played the traitor; and though Mackworth ratted to my own side, I fear it must be confessed that he did rat.

But every so often he mutters that he’ll get even with someone by the name of Otto—a fellow sailor who ‘ratted.

If claims are ratted it is said there are strangers about, and the miners deal with rats according to their own ideas of justice.

Either the consistent Radical, or the inconsistent Conservative Party, has 'ratted' in the most barefaced manner.