Rattled [verb]

Definition of Rattled:

bang, jiggle

Synonyms of Rattled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rattled:

Sentence/Example of Rattled:

I might have paid them at the time, but it was all so unexpected and so sudden,—it rattled me, quite.

He rattled the snaffle in his mouth with nervous indecision—he had a notion to try it.

Suddenly she dropped the brush; it rattled and spun on the polished floor.

Then Massot rattled on, telling all there was to tell about Fonsegue.

Furious blasts clutched at the windows, and rattled them like castanets.

In this wise Madame Toussaint rattled on for a full half hour.

In this way she rattled on, never allowing the others an opportunity to say a word.

He was rattled, and sat looking at the pile of bills as though charmed.

So we rattled through Surrey and across the border into Sussex.

The rattled farmer and his cohorts were bluffed and puzzled.