Rattling [verb]

Definition of Rattling:

bang, jiggle

Synonyms of Rattling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rattling:

Sentence/Example of Rattling:

Josie is rattling volubly, but with a hint of the confidential in her tone.

It seemed to him that something was rattling behind him along the wall.

On they went, rattling and jingling along the road till they came to the tree.

Laura Ann was rattling stove-lids at the other end of the kitchen.

They struggled in this manner with a rattling in their throats, writhing in the horror of their caresses.

Then there was a rattling of keys, and suddenly a flood of light shot into the dark place.

Her forehead was perspiring; her breath was rattling in her chest.

At half-past seven you heard the whoop of the milkman and the rattling of his cans.

The minister heard her rattling pans and dishes at a great rate.

The trouble is an ancient one and is designated as "shelling" or "rattling."