Ratty [adjective]

Definition of Ratty:


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Sentence/Example of Ratty:

He may look kind of—of ratty, but all the same he's got rich relations.

I'm frightfully hungry, and I've got any amount to say to Ratty here.

"You really needn't fret, Ratty," added the Badger placidly.

At last a feeble voice replied, 'Thank you so much, dear Ratty!

The Badger laughed good-humouredly and said, 'All right, Ratty!

Dare say he'd be ratty, but then, think of how he's helping.

Muskrats I had no sympathy for, they looked so ratty, and had so unpleasant a smell.

But, then, Dallam was a ratty soul and was for deserting a sinking ship.

Of course I know that you're ratty at my talking about it at all, although you pretend not to be.

The Bar-T punchers might be rather rough with a fellow like Ratty.