Ravaged [verb]

Definition of Ravaged:

destroy, ransack

Synonyms of Ravaged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ravaged:

Sentence/Example of Ravaged:

Not in a day nor a generation were the ravaged sheepfolds to be forgotten.

She set a hand on his shoulder, and looked down into his ravaged, haggard countenance.

He ravaged the seas within cannon-shot of English headlands.

A dreadful pestilence, which ravaged Gwynedd or North Wales in 560.

Probably the year in question was 1645, when the district was ravaged with the pestilence.

In 1736, the Russians took Azof and ravaged the western Crimea.

He was ravaged by their mystery, their majesty and revelation.

It was sunk and hollow, ravaged with pain, an evil-looking face.

This, however, was shortly after a great Plague had ravaged the City.

In 1765 the country was invaded and ravaged by the ruler of Kabul.