Raveling [verb]

Definition of Raveling:

come apart; unwind

Synonyms of Raveling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raveling:

Sentence/Example of Raveling:

A man has no right to ravel out his life, even though the threads are of gold.

Not a soul there who had ever heard of William Blake or Ravel!

O the complexities of the ravel produced by time struggling with eternity!

The marking thread should be through every stitch so that they cannot ravel.

Woyds and you get sort of tangled up and I haven't got time to ravel you out.

It is possible, too, to ravel out the canvas in the bags, and use it for thread.

The thick darkness carries with it Rain and a ravel of cloud.

Nevertheless, this fact constitutes Ravel in no wise the imitator of Debussy.

And Ravel is at once more traditional and more progressive a composer than Debussy.

And there is much besides that Ravel and Debussy have in common.