Ravening [adjective]

Definition of Ravening:

eating, destroying for sustenance or without conscience

Synonyms of Ravening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ravening:


Sentence/Example of Ravening:

Has ravening aspiration any compunction; any contrite visitings of nature?

"She was a ravening beast," the man in tweeds started again.

At one o'clock the four elder ones would be upon her, ravening.

What manner Syrt, what ravening Scylla, what vasty Charybdis?

They fall often as victims to the ravening ambition of a single man.

Between that ravening surface and the armor skin of the Boise there was nothing.

Their ravening lusts will consume thee to the soul, O woman!

Within thee there is ravening, but the outside thou makest clean.

Ever since you have been wanting to show your bravery, you have been howling like a ravening wolf.

What was missing in his life, that, in his ravening soul, he was not satisfied?